It’s all about love.


Words for the Easter Vigil and dawn Eucharist at St Mary’s Whitkirk.

Travelling this Holy Week with you it has become even clearer that it’s all about love.

On Thursday we saw the love that kneels and washes our feet; love that welcomes everyone to the table, even betrayers and denyers; love that is willing to wrestle with doubt and despair as we do.

On Friday we saw love that was willing to suffer even death on the cross rather than stop loving; love that says there is no suffering we can experience that is beyond its reach.

On Saturday it looked as though love had been defeated, trapped in a tomb by a huge stone.

This morning we find that love is stronger even than death.

Today doesn’t say there will be no more suffering, no more times of despair…but it does say love is stronger.

So perhaps today is for that wonderful, exciting, exhilarating, falling-in-love sort of love; that joyful, hopeful, new-baby sort of love…for an Alleluia sort of love. Amen

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